Sharp pixels and clean code, est. 2006

51bits is the moniker for the solo design outfit operated by me, Chris Sealey; a Sydney-based graphical user interface designer and front-end developer passionate about technology, health and minimalism as a lifestyle.

Profile of Chris Sealey

I have worked with over 130 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and indie developers all over the world. Currently, I am leading the design and front-end teams at HealthShare and making Savings.

Previously, I led design on Twine, helped establish Anomaly, shipped WillyWeather for iOS and the Web, and designed Zibbet. Among other side-projects, I made Stat, Hubbub and Gridlet. I am an advocate for remote work and designers who can code.

B. Design (Digital Media), Billy Blue 2007–2009
ABN 53 875 567 268

  1. HealthShare Design & Front-End Lead
  2. Anomaly Design Lead
  3. WillyWeather Design Lead
  4. Holy Cow! Web Developer
  5. WebSalad Web Designer
  6. Pacific Web Web Designer

Graphic design, user experience and vanilla front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG) are my main areas of focus. My work is used by millions of people every week and, importantly, I enjoy what I do.

I love meeting new people and solving complex problems with simple design. Get in touch if you would like to work together or just chat over coffee.