51bits 2.0

My previous site launched 3 January, 2011. The majority of content was older still. Both the code and layout were based on iterations dating back as far as 2007. This is the first truly new direction for quite some time, hence 2.0. Finally.

Everything I’ve had online before now was originally intended for marketing purposes to some degree; to help me get work by showing off what I could do and publishing my thoughts on code and design. I’m lucky enough that I don’t really need to do that anymore, with a seemingly never-ending backlog of work.

So this site now serves as a simple platform for the things I’ve shipped, a place for me to link to good shit and even jot down my own thoughts on design, code and technology. I’m not going to use terms like portfolio or blog because they don’t feel right anymore.

I’ve ported a fraction of my older content over and will be uploading a little more in the coming weeks, but won’t promise anything else. I’m really liking the “less of more” feel.

It’s rough, but I’ll be gradually patching up the holes.