51bits 3.0

Ten years ago, I registered a business name and decided I would work for myself. With the anniversary looming and the last major redesign of this website being in 2013, an evolution was in order. Today, I’m launching a new mark and website to complement the milestone.

51bits Marks 1-3
Marks 1–3

2.0 did away with a traditional visual portfolio in favour of showcasing products. The problem was that some projects take months or years to complete so parts of the site rarely received fresh content. Apps have now been sectioned off and there are plans to display work-in-progress with a future release.


I’ve tried on many occasions to find a way to write more often; sometimes succeeding for short periods of time before letting the frequency taper off. By sharing links supported by shorter, opinionated commentary as well as the occasional article, perhaps I can keep things moving at a steadier pace.

As I did with 2.0, a fair amount of content that I deem obsolete or even incorrect has been archived.

Going Vanilla

I forced myself to take the time and do things right. Every line of code is bespoke. There is no JavaScript framework, no server code and nothing that doesn’t need to be here. As a result, I’m seeing significant performance improvements.

There will be many more updates from here. I’ve already logged over 30 bug and improvement tickets, but it’s great to have a relatively fresh slate once again.