Twine Beta: a mouldable approach to productivity

This morning, we sent out the first round of beta invites for Twine, a product I’ve been working on with the folks at Anomaly. Twine is a new approach to productivity; an organisation tool without a prescribed workflow. Rather than projects or lists, you share tasks with friends, family and colleagues and then organise them however you like.

By assigning metadata such as tags, locations and dates to each task, dynamic views—specific to you—can be created in Twine. Think of Smart Playlists in iTunes, where parameters are defined to build a view of songs, but can be adjusted or destroyed at any time without affecting the contents.

Twine steps into a very crowded market, but acknowledges that everyone approaches productivity differently. While GTD or alternative systems may work for some, ultimately we all think and organise our lives individually. Being able to mould a workflow rather than the other way around is an idea we feel is worth exploring. For small teams, large companies or individuals, if you’ve been looking for more fluidity in the way you manage things, we’d love for you to give Twine a go.

We anticipate our beta period will run for 1–2 months before we open it up. It is early days and we have a lot of work to do, but if you’d like to be considered for early access, register your interest.

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