This was meant to be a podcast

51bits has been the moniker of my work for well over a decade. It was a consulting brand, for the most part, before I shifted to promoting my name after moving country and effectively starting again.

The name still holds significance for me, and I have spent considerable time trying to find a way to recycle it. At one point, I landed on the idea of publishing a podcast exploring the strong opinions I have on a narrow range of topics. I went so far as to purchase equipment and even record several trial episodes. They sucked.

It did not take long before I realised the sound of my voice and the quality of the final edit were not up to standard. No doubt, this is a common experience for anyone in the early stages of a project and while others might persevere, I already had an alternate—yet tried and tested—way to achieve a similar outcome; write.

Needless to say, it has been a hell of a year. As I publish this, I sit in managed isolation in New Zealand after arriving home from a short trip to Australia—two countries barely touched by the virus, relatively speaking—surrounded by temporary fencing and military patrols. I look forward to documenting my experience before focusing on less topical things. Writing is something I have done before and am going to try again. We will see how it goes.