Interface design for mobile and web-based software.

51bits is a UI design and front-end development outfit based in Sydney.

WillyWeather for Android

All of the great features from the iOS app and more, hand-crafted again, just for Android. Get the App on Google Play

WillyWeather for iOS

An Australian weather app with radar and satellite imagery, detailed forecasts, interactive graphs and more. Get the App


An interface design tool for overlaying dynamic grids, breakpoint testing and viewport previewing. Launching Soon.

WillyWeather for Android
WillyWeather - A weather station, in your pocket

WillyWeather 1.1

A brand new design for iOS 7

WillyWeather for Android - Finally

WillyWeather for Android

Now available on Google Play

Tutti Frutti - A vibrant Pygments theme

Tutti Frutti

A vibrant Pygments theme

CSU Smart Tools - A new approach to learning

Smart Tools 2

A new approach to learning