The generated state of this website contains no third-party libraries or assets. All text, icons, code and graphics, unless otherwise stated, are created by me, Chris Sealey.


Copy is set in the respective operating system's font where supported, with font-family: -apple-system. As a fallback, the following font stack is defined; Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial. These fonts are not self-hosted.

Code samples are set in Source Code Pro, a lovely monospace family by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe.


This website is powered by Jekyll, a ruby-based static site generator, and hosted by Media Temple. There is no server code.

In addition to the Jekyll core, the following plugins have been used:

A custom build of Modernizr has been bundled for progressively enhanced feature-detection. Google Analytics is used for tracking events and user behaviour.

All HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is otherwise bespoke; no frameworks, boilerplates or templates have been used.


My toolkit is always in flux, but my most frequently used apps are Sketch, Pixelmator, Coda, iA Writer, GitHub and Things. Other than these, I tend to stick to macOS and iOS bundled apps.