Product designer and UX developer.

👋 Hi, I'm Chris Sealey and I'm based in Queenstown, New Zealand. 51bits is the moniker for my design outfit, where I've been shipping small- and large-scale projects in the form of UI design and front-end web development for 17 years with discerning folks all over the world.

I've consulted to over 140 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs, and indie developers internationally, resulting in millions of people interacting with my work. My passions span health, technology, nature, and miniature painting. Currently, I lead product design at 🍷 WithWine.

  1. WithWine

    Product Design Lead

  2. HealthShare and BetterConsult

    Product Design Lead

  3. HealthShare and BetterConsult

    Design and Front-End Lead

  4. Anomaly

    Product Design Lead

  5. WillyWeather

    Product Design Lead

  6. Holy Cow!

    Senior Front-End Developer

  7. WebSalad

    Front-End Developer and Web Designer

  8. Pacific Web

    Web Designer

  9. Billy Blue College of Design

    🎓 Bachelor of Design, Digital Media Communication

  10. Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts

    🎓 Associate Degree, Graphic Design