Product designer and UX developer.

👋 Hi, I'm Chris Sealey. I'm based in Queenstown, New Zealand. 51bits is the moniker for my design outfit, where I handcraft software with discerning folks all around the world. Right now, I'm directing product design for Sports and News Media at Paramount.

  1. 💾First PC. Computers are fun.
  2. Video games. Interaction. Art.
  3. Macs. Design. Animation. This is for me.
  4. Right where it belongs.
  5. 🤑Invoice #1; $250 for a website.
  6. 📈20% rate bump; $300 for a website.
  7. My first product. 1.4K fans. Vapour.
  8. 🎓Graduate from Billy Blue.
  9. ♥️♠️Play poker. A lot.
  10. WillyWeather. Small team; big thing.
  11. 🏅WillyWeather for iOS. #1 on the App Store.
  12. Marry my best friend, Carmel.
  13. Suki. We have a cat.
  14. Ship Hubbub. Lesson learned.
  15. Ship Stat. Lesson not learned.
  16. 🏋️Learn about health. Obsess.
  17. Zibbet. Something different.
  18. 🙄Full-time again. Learn what not to do.
  19. Extend but don't ship.
  20. ☕️Oh, coffee is meant to be black.
  21. Broken leg. Train hard. Back at it.
  22. Ship Savings; my first Mac app.
  23. 🏅#1 on the App Store. Again.
  24. Hello, Jackson. Our family grows.
  25. 🏔️Move to Queenstown, New Zealand.
  26. Co-found Fundamental.
  27. 🎲Dive back into an old hobby.
  28. Study stoicism.
  29. 🍷Try the startup thing again.
  30. 🎒Discover a new way to do cardio.
  31. Run a marathon.