Made for iOS, Android, and the Web

WillyWeather is one of Australia's most beloved apps, debuting over a decade ago with unrivaled accuracy, sophisticated features, and an interface that has stood the test of time.

WillyWeather dedicates an entire view to each weather type, from Temperature to Precipitation, Moon Phases, UV Index, and much more.
  • MapKit radar

    The first mobile app to overlay real-time rain radar data from the Bureau of Meteorology on a native MapKit view.
  • Rich graphs

    Customisable visualisations of historical and observational data against sun times, moon phases, and more.
  • Accurate alerts

    There is something magical about being alerted to "Heavy rain in fifteen minutes" a quater of an hour before rain.
  • Widgets and watchOS

    Accurate and localised weather data on your iPhone Home Screen and Apple Watch Complications.
  • 4.7 from 325K ratings

    Five million users across three countries. If you’re in one of them, you know someone that loves this app.
  • Will Bruce, Founder

    A rare find. A master craftsman who puts a lot of thought into every pixel, and a competent coder too.